Camron Shouts Out Nas & Calls Him One Of The Best Lyricists Of Our Generation

Cam’ron recently took to his Instagram and showed Nas and his company Mass Appeal some love for having him perform at Yankee Stadium in celebration of 50 years of Hip Hop.

I wanna give a quick shout-out to Nas, you know what I’m saying, real quick.

Queensbridge Nas, yes Escobar, a lot of people may not know, well if you do know, that was him and his company’s event, Mass Appeal, in Yankee Stadium the other day.

And for them to invite me, and make me a part of Hip Hop 50 sh*t that they put together, you know, knowing the history we had in the past that was really big of him to respect what I got going on as my contribution to Hip Hop the last 25 years I been doing it and knowing the past we had.

Whether it’s beef or not beef or just music, whatever it is I appreciate the invite from probably the greatest lyricist in our time, in our era.

So, I just want to tell him thank you for that. Thank you Mass Appeal.

Cause Yankee Stadium ain’t nothing to be frowned upon.

I did Madison Square Garden 10, 11, 12 times. The Apollo millions of times, Beken Theatre, whatever venue you want to name in New York I’ve been there!

But I’ve never performed in Yankee Stadium, and it was a surreal experience.

So I just want to say shout out to Mass Appeal, shout out to Nas.

Thank you for looking past all the sh*t we went through in the past.

Shout out to Jungle, all the ****** in QB, and for respecting the artform for one of the best lyricist our generation.

And that’s Escobar, salute to you bruh!

Cam’ron captioned his post:

They didn’t have to invite me, but they did so Thank you @massappeal and arguably the best lyricist of my generation @nas #HipHop50 and thank you @jacobyork for putting it together

Watch Cam’ron’s original IG post below:

For those of you who may not be privy to the beef that Cam’ron and Nas had take a little glimpse into the beef below:

It’s great to see these two grown men come to a space where they can respect and honor each other.

Hopefully, these younger rappers are taking notes.

Watch Camron’s performance at Yankee Stadium below:

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