Bridget Kelly spoke out on holding Joe Budden accountable for his actions regarding her former podcast member DJ Olivia Dope, who accused Joe of sexual harassment.

Joe made sexual advances toward Olivia during a taping of the “See, The Thing Is” podcast, with co-host Bridget and Mandi B present, and shortly after Olivia announced on the internet that she was leaving the podcast due to Joe’s behavior.

According to Olivia, this was not the first time Joe had made sexual advances toward her.

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Bridget admitted that she and Mandi dropped the ball at the moment, and they should’ve done more to support Olivia.

Bridget said that Joe did apologize to all three ladies off camera after the episode, but she feels they could’ve done a much better job of holding him accountable in the moment.

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Bridget and Mandi recorded an episode of their podcast where they apologized to Olivia, but it was met with mixed reactions.

Before anybody else get crazy about… Well, they just used that time to play the victim.

No we didn’t, we used that time to apologize to a woman who we failed… That was it!… That’s all the time was for.

And, ultimately you wanted us to say that Joe was wrong, and he was wrong.

He was absolutely inappropriate and made everyone in this space uncomfortable.

And, we did the best we could in that moment with the information we had, and that’s all we can do.

That’s all anybody can do!

Watch the video below:

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