Summer Walker is trending in the streets over a recent photo she shared of herself holding her two-month-old baby girl.

People flooded Twitter with concerns about everything from the baby’s weight to the choices of food the singer feeds her child.

You may recall, last year, Summer slammed parents who feed their babies infant formula.

She wrote in a post on Instagram:

Y’all weird for even giving babies that processed government sh*t. Throw some real fruits/veggies in a blender and give it to them.

Now, she’s receiving the same dietary criticisms she dished out to other parents.

Peep the tweets below.

Summer Walker took to Instagram to respond to the criticism she is receiving over her baby’s weight.

The singer wrote:


also y’all: roasting a baby who’s face you can’t even see.

lol make it make sense

In conclusionmf’s is weird and I will never post my baby so stop asking

See the original post below.

Your thoughts on all of this?