As Joe Budden continues to make headlines about the unceremonious firing of former friends turned co-workers; Rory and Mal, from the Joe Budden Podcast; new accusations of sexual harassment have surfaced. 

DJ Olivia Dope; formerly of the “See The Thing Is” podcast on the Joe Budden Network, has finally come forward about her abrupt departure from the podcast she once hosted with singer, Bridget Kelly, and entrepreneur, Mandii B

See, The Thing Is...

A visibly upset Olivia Dope describes the final straw being the January 18, 2021, episode of the podcast. 

Joe Budden sat in on ‘The List is Closed’ episode of the ‘See The Thing Is‘ podcast and continually made sexually suggestive remarks that made me extremely uncomfortable as well as fearful of dampening the mood if I didn’t laugh along. It was traumatizing. 

Olivia says she’s coming forward now to begin the process of healing, and to warn others that it “probably wouldn’t be the best situation to walk into and work with this person”.

Olivia’s unexplained departure from the podcast and network caused much speculation amongst fans. Many wondered if she left because of a disagreement with her co-hosts because her final episodes were uncomfortable, to say the least.

She provides a backstory of what led to her decision to leave the podcast in the video. 

Olivia carefully dissects Episode 16 of the podcast, filling in the blanks of what was edited out.

This breakdown includes the following timestamps and is very telling.  

13:48- “Joe calls me out and said I never called him personally or privately”

14:34- This was edited out but she says; “Joe said him and I should speak more because he’s been wanted to f**k me since we met”. She also mentions everyone laughed uncomfortably while one of her co-hosts confirms that it’s true. 

19:26- “Another edit happens because Joe makes another suggestion about wanting to have sex with me”. 

21:30- “Joe tells me to ‘hit a button bitch’ because I didn’t hit a sound effect fast enough”. 

24:54- “Joe makes a comment that I’m throwing my singleness in his face and he felt that we were going to be a network power couple. Once again I laughed it off as it’s transpiring”. 

25:42- “I make a comment about relationships in general Joe retorts that my shirt isn’t buttoned like I’m single”. 

31:42-35:00 “Joe makes me feel like I’m in a hostile work environment by letting my cohosts know that I’m carrying the group because they don’t dress sexy enough”. 

Olivia states that because Joe has said these things previously, it ultimately led to a “passive-aggressive and competitive environment” between herself and a former co-host (which I’m guessing is Mandii).

I vividly remember this episode and believe this is where things between the two began to go south. There is a point in a following episode, where Mandii addresses an off-air disagreement between her and Olivia, and I thought it was odd because the audience wasn’t privy to the actual disagreement so an apology shouldn’t have been addressed on air. 

Olivia says the co-host admittedly attempted to shut down every idea that I brought to the table because it wasn’t well-received by Joe and Ian (Schwartzman); Joe’s business partner.

In addition; Olivia says that same former co-host would relay their group chat conversations to Joe “in an effort to secure her spot” on the podcast.

I’m mortified that when people search ‘Olivia Dope’; the brand I spent 10 years building, that comes up. I’m mortified that after I quit, I had to have a heart-to-heart conversation with the child I gave birth to because her friends can find it on the internet and say ‘that’s your mother being belittled and sexually harassed and called a b**ch’. I had to explain to her that’s not how someone speaks to you, and if they do, you have to speak up. But I didn’t speak up, so I was being a hypocriteThere were attempts to intimidate and silence me but I can’t be silencedI recommend any woman that thinks about working with this person in any capacity, please think again. I should have taken heed to the accusations in the past. Those should have been red flags for me as well.

Olivia continues, that once she left she consulted her attorney, who contacted Joe’s attorney to inform them about why she was leaving the podcast.

She informed her co-hosts via text that she was leaving, and while no one responded at that moment, she was removed from the group chat. She eventually did speak with them a week later. 

Watch below as Olivia Dope tells all.

Whew! We can’t seem to keep up with everything coming out of the Joe Budden camp, but it’s not looking good.

Olivia closed by saying she’s taking a social media break. We hope she can start healing after having to endure what she’s dealt with over the past 3 months while remaining quiet.

How do you feel about Olivia Dope’s revelation on her departure from the Joe Budden Network?