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Listen! It ain’t over…Three grand jurors in the Breonna Taylor case have filed a petition objecting to the conduct of Attorney General Daniel Cameron and calling for his impeachment.

The petition, filed with the state House of Representatives on Friday, alleges Cameron failed to comply with his duties and he breached public trust by misrepresenting the findings of the grand jury in the Taylor case.

Kevin Glogower, the attorney for the three jurors, who want to keep their anonymity, said: 

The Grand Jurors did not choose this battle. This battle chose them. These are randomly selected citizens who were compelled to sit on a grand jury and were terribly misused by the most powerful law enforcement official in Kentucky. It is truly a testament to the Kentucky Constitution that they are able to be here today and to expose injustice and demand public accountability.

House Speaker David Osborne confirmed lawmakers had “received notice of another petition for impeachment,” but said in a statement he would “reserve further comment until our attorneys review it and the committee on committees has an opportunity to act.”   

Source: Courier Journal