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Boxer Gervonta Davis has been listed at fault in a new crash report for a hit-and-run car crash that occurred last November.

According to the crash report, Davis drove his 2020 Lamborghini Urus through a red light and crashed into a Toyota, he and another person then fled the scene.

The passengers in the Toyota were hurt, and the crash report says the driver had a “suspected serious injury.”

The crash took place on November 5th, and Davis was reportedly celebrating his birthday at a nearby club in South Baltimore prior to the accident.

Davis was not named publicly at the beginning of the investigation, but he was identified as the driver through witness statements and surveillance video.

There is a video on YouTube of Davis driving the Lamborghini Urus that matches the description of the vehicle in the wreck.

The video shows Gervonta Davis driving off in the car after the Santa Cruz fight.

This is all bad for Gervonta Davis.

Our prayers are with the victims of the car crash.

Source: TMZ