The “Black Ink Crew: Chicago” cast suffered the tragic loss of Fly Tatted and Bella Tatted is now speaking out about the death of her boyfriend and the impact it has had on her.

There has been a lot of confusion surrounding the untimely passing of Fly, whose real name is Elijah Muhammad-Bey.

Initially, Ryan Henry stated he died of an apparent suicide.

Then, Ryan said he misspoke and he was informed by family and friends that Fly Tatted’s death was a homicide.

That’s when the waters got murky because Bella witnessed Fly’s death and rumors began to circulate accusing her of murdering her boyfriend.

On Saturday evening, Bella Tatted took to Instagram writing:

Fly’s death was ruled a accidental suicide from the evidence and autopsy. I was NEVER under investigation, I never got arrested, I never went to jail, the detectives never once thought I did it after evidence proved I never touched the gun more was next to him. His finger prints was on the gun and on 4 bullets that was on the floor that wasn’t loaded. I only seen what happened and the two gun shots was so fast I couldn’t stop him. and while I was trying to get through losing my boyfriend right in front of me yall decided to lie on me and say he was murdered! When he wasn’t! I’ve been trying to stay strong while seeing to over and over again in my head and y’all sitting up here wishing death on me! and I’m getting harassed with my 4yr old daughter outside everyday just because I witnessed my baby die in front of me, y’all are f**king dumb and evil.

She also added:

I was f**king lost after seeing that and was trying to not lose it and while I was trying to get through it y’all decided to make up y’all own story and I wasn’t ready to write on social media! Y’all are sick af! I love Fly and I had to lose him and front of me and then y’all turn around and lie and say I murdered the man I wanted to be around everyday. And y’all didn’t get this from the police y’all decided to listen to social media and ruin my life all while I sitting here hurting and f**ked up! I still can’t get it in my head that he’s not here and y’all not helping at all. Leave me alone now I’m just trying to heal and take care of daughter. If y’all don’t have positive things to say to me about Fly then leave me alone and let me grieve.

See her original post and full statement below:

This entire situation is such a tragedy.

My prayers are with everyone who is hurting.

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