Bow Wow & Pro Wrestler Jade Cargill Get Into A Verbal Altercation, But Was It Staged?…

Bow Wow, AEW pro wrestler Jade Cargill, and her “Baddie Section” crew recently got into a shouting match in Miami.

“The Baddie Section” consist of AEW pro wrestlers Jade Cargill, Keira Hogan, and Red Velvet .

From Left to Right: Jade Cargill, Keira Hogan, and Red Velvet (The Baddie Section)

All three ladies were caught on camera Sunday (November 20) arguing with Bow Wow at the FTX Arena in Miami, a stop on his Millennium Tour.

The video footage shows Keira and Jade yelling in Bow Wow’s face and Red Velvet throwing popcorn at him, while they’re being pushed back by two security guards.

As the argument intensifies, one of the security guards lifts Keira and Red Velvet of the ground and takes them away, while Jade appears to try to square up with the other security guard as he’s pushing her back.

Watch the video footage below:

The backstory is that Bow Wow tried to holler at Jade on Twitter, but she is married to former MLB star Brandon Phillips.

Jade responded on Twitter:

You can’t afford me Bow. Thanks but no thanks

It’s unknown if Bow Wow knew she was married when he hollered at her.

Being that Bow Wow has previously expressed interest in wrestling, people are starting to question if the verbal exchange was staged because why is a married woman and her crew coming at Bow Wow with so much energy, after turning down his advances on Twitter?

Time will tell how this plays out.

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Source: TMZ

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