Rosario Dawson is definitely not a name that comes to mind when you think about wrestling, but she had her boy Cody Rhodes‘ back at AEW Dynamite.

AEW Dynamite is a professional wrestling show produced by All Elite Wrestling (AEW) that comes on Wednesday nights at 8pm ET on TNT.

The show is believed to be WWE’s biggest competitor.

Rosario Dawson was in attendance to support Cody Rhodes, who is a judge alongside her on TBS’ “Go-Big Show.”

Well, Cody’s rival Malakai Black spotted Rosario wearing a hoodie of the Nightmare Family, some of Cody Rhodes merch.

Malakai Black called Rosario out for wearing the hoodie, so she jumped the barrier and threw her hands up like what you going to do about it.

I’m sure all this was staged, but it was entertaining.

While Rosario is standing her ground, Cody Rhodes is making his way down to the ring to defend her.

As soon as Malakai Black turns around to see Cody Rhodes making his way to the ring, Rosario jumps on his back.

She has her arm around his neck as he starts spinning her around.

She eventually falls off his back, by that time Cody Rhodes has made it ringside, and he starts fighting Malakai Black.

As a WWE fan in my youth, I don’t know if I just didn’t realize what kind of love taps these wrestlers were giving each other or I just didn’t care.

Cody Rhodes and Malakai Black fight from ringside up into the stands with the fans, and the blows they exchange are hilarious.

Watch the video below:

It’s good to know that Rosario Dawson rides for her peeps.

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Source: Digital Spy

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