A San Diego man is being held on $100k bail after fumbling his 2-year-old daughter trying to escape an elephant attack.

Jose Manuel Navarrete took it upon himself to disregard the San Diego Zoo’s barriers and brought his 2-year-old inside an elephant habitat to take a photo.

While his back was turned to the elephant, spectators started to scream and gasp as the elephant started charging at Navarrete and his daughter.

Navarrete heard the screams and turned around, he saw the elephant charging, and instinctively started running with his daughter in his arms to evade the elephant.

As he ran to the barrier, he dropped his daughter with the elephant still charging. By the grace of God, he was able to gather his daughter and get behind the barrier before the elephant got to them.

Watch the news report below:

Navarrete was arrested and booked on child cruelty charges.

I don’t understand why some of these parents feel the need to break the zoo rules and put their children in danger.

Your thoughts?

Source: TMZ