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LaKeith Stanfield is gracing the latest issue of The Hollywood Reporter and inside his cover story, he talks about a variety of things including his desire to play a gay role.

The 29-year-old actor stated:

I’ve always wanted to play a gay role. Because I wanted to experience and feel and understand what that meant.

LaKeith Stanfield took to Instagram on Monday to offer more clarity on his statement after DJ VLAD turned it into a headline.

Yes i was saying i wanted to experience love through a lense i hadn’t experienced before through a character. After all, love is love. Of COURSE Vladtv strikes again trying to make that fact a dramatic and negative thing. I’m not suprised. I’m a Black man and he’s Vlad. Out of all the things i said in the interview with THR you chose to zoom in on this and try to frame me in a way where your fans can hate on me, you ain’t slick. Too bad most ppl aren’t deeply bigoted and so don’t care to grab your bait.

See his original post below:


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