A Queens, New York indoor wedding reception with 284 guests was shut down by the authorities for not abiding by pandemic guidelines.

New York City sheriffs received anonymous complaints about a large gathering at the Royal Elite Palace Catering Hall late Friday night.

According to NBC New York, the venue was also serving food and alcohol without following guidelines.

The sheriff’s office said the manager of the venue received four citations and the owner received two for nonadherence to Mayor Bill de Blasio’s pandemic guidelines.

There has been a surge in recent COVID-19 cases in Queens and Brooklyn.

“This may be the most precarious moment that we’re facing since we have emerged from lockdown,” Health Commissioner Dave Chokshi stated at a press conference.

“We will move as swiftly as the situation warrants. If this growth continues, it will turn into widespread transmission potentially citywide.”

In the last two weeks, eight neighborhoods have seen outbreaks more than three times the citywide average, officials said Sunday.

Woodside, where the venue is located, was not one of the eight neighborhoods with surging outbreaks.

See the news clip below from abc7NY reporting on the incident:

You would think with over 200,000 confirmed deaths in America from COVID-19 that people would take this pandemic seriously.

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