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Bishop T.D. Jakes References Online ‘Lies’ During Christmas Eve Sermon

Bishop T.D. Jakes via YouTube

Bishop T.D. Jakes isn’t going to let the internet turn the Potter’s House into a dumpster fire.

While opening his Christmas Eve sermon, Jakes referred to the shocking “lies” circulating online about him and Diddy saying he isn’t going to address them.

Some of you logged in or come in out of concern. Some of you come in to hear what I’m going to say.

All of you who expect me to address a lie – you can log off. 

The congregation verbally reacted to Bishop Jakes’ advisory. 

He continued:

I will not use this sacred day and this sacred pulpit, to address a lie when I have a chance to preach a truth. 

Watch the clip below. 

Later in the service Bishop T.D. Jakes shared what he was doing while he was trending on social media over a scandalous rumor. 

You know what I was really worried about all week? Our terrorist threat is still at its highest level.

And I spent my week making sure that everything that we needed was in place in case there was an attack – the attack was supposed to be against synagogues and churches in the south and I knew today would be a target.

And we have all kinds of extra security precautions in place – over your car, at the door, in the roof, in the back, all around us.

Because while they were trying to kill me, I was trying to protect you. 

Bishop Jakes added, “And anybody that has that type of government on their shoulders don’t have time to be playing with freaks!

He became emotional as told his congregation:

I didn’t come to convince you or nobody cause I know who I am. That ain’t what this is about. You can think whatever you want to think – I don’t care. I came to do my job.

I came to prophesy as I was commanded. I came to hear the master say, ‘Well done, thy good and faithful servant.’ 

The congregation erupted in applause and praise in support of their spiritual leader. 

Last week, rumors spread like wildfire after someone on TikTok claimed Bishop T.D. Jakes was engaged in homosexual activity and sexual misconduct with a minor at a Diddy party.

Bishop Jakes was trending for nearly a week as people took to their social media accounts to react to and spread the unfounded rumor.

The rumor comes at a time where many high profile men have been accused of physical abuse, sexual harassment, sexual assault, and sexual battery online and in various civil lawsuits.

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