Bishop Lamor Whitehead said he is praying for the three masked men who robbed him and his wife of over $1 million worth of jewelry, but he wants justice to prevail.

The robbery happened in Canarsie, Brooklyn, on Sunday (July 23) at the Leaders of Tomorrow International Ministries while Bishop Whitehead was delivering his sermon.

Three masked gunmen came in and robbed Bishop Whitehead and his wife of their jewelry, and according to Bishop Whitehead, one of the gunmen pointed a gun at his eight-month-old baby.

Thankfully, no one was hurt during the robbery.

The robbers left the scene in a white Mercedes, and the search for them is ongoing.

In the now viral Livestream video of the robbery, Bishop Whitehead is seen laying on the ground as the robbers approach him.

Watch the Livestream video below:

Bishop Lamor Whitehead has received criticism for his extravagant lifestyle, but he stated that it’s his prerogative to spend his hard-earned money the way he pleases.

He is offering a $50,000 reward for the arrest of the gunmen who robbed him, urging them to turn themselves in.

Reportedly, Bishop Lamor Whitehead is a mentee of New York mayor Eric Adams, who helped the Bishop turn his life around after serving five years in prison for identity theft and grand larceny.

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Bishop Lamor Whitehead took to his Instagram account yesterday to address some critics who mocked the church robbery.

He called out Larry Reid in particular for making a mockery of the robbery on his platform, “Larry Reid Live.”

Bishop Whitehead and Reid know each other.

They met in the past through a mutual friend, and during that time, they were cordial.

Since Larry Reid felt the need to get his jokes off on his platform, Bishop Whitehead has dissolved their relationship.

Larry Reid and his friend contend that they were not making a mockery of the robbery, but they were making a mockery of the condition of Bishop Whitehead’s church.

At minute mark 19:41, Larry allows Bishop Whitehead to join the Live, and he goes from 0 to 100 real quick, blatantly disrespecting Reid and Pastor Geneses Warren.

Watch the “Larry Reid Live” video below:

Since the controversial “Larry Reid Live” video, he has posted some follow-up commentary.

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