Big Gipp On DJ Khaled: ‘You The Best At What?’

Big Gipp threw a mouth full of shade at DJ Khaled on “The Art of Dialogue.”

In the video clip, Gipp says DJ Khaled is great at what he does, but he credits T-Pain for giving DJ Khalid a hook that ignited his career.

DJ Khaled is great at what he do. 

But, I can turn around and look at a person that’s a real artist, and that’s T-Pain.

T-Pain came through… and took it to another level. Song after song, hit after hit, you know?…

Wrote, produced, singing… I just f*** with them type of artist, bro.

You know what I mean?… I f*** with the ones that really do this sh*t.

The ones that done learned how to put together records because they been sitting be side somebody and they done figured out…  Okey, this how you put a record together.

Okay, alright, then the next thing is me just being friends with everybody so they will rap on my music, right, okay…

So, the first time that I really got to popping was because I got a relationship with T-Pain, and he gave me a hook.

And after that hook, my career took off.

Gipp said he doesn’t understand Khaled’s slogan about he “The Best” because the first music we heard from him was a hit because of T-Pain.

Gipp feels like Khaled produces like Pop people used to produce.

So, did you produce the track?… Oh, you didn’t produce the track, oh!

Did you write the hook?… Oh you don’t write the hook. Oh, okay!

Alright, well you producing how a record company produce then.

That’s how Pop people use to produce. 

They put a group in here, put something else, and then they’ll bring somebody else in to put it all together.

That’s you!… Okay.

But, don’t be telling me you the best at what?…

Putting a record together… Alright!… You know, alright… Cool, you know what I mean?…

I ain’t mad at none of that, but all I’m saying is if you the best and you the greatest get out here and show me you can tour without any of those mother f****** rapping on your records.

That part!… That part!…

Can I buy a hard ticket from you Sir?… And just coming to see you, I don’t need your guests what imma see?…

Right, right… Imma see a DJ play some records.

Big Gipp drove his point home by defining what he considers to be a “corporate music business” meaning you have the money and the relationships to put together a record.

Watch the clip from the Big Gipp interview on “The Art of Dialogue” podcast below:

There have been many people on social media who have shared the same opinion about DJ Khaled, but Gipp may be the first artist to speak out publicly about it.

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