ICC Friends! As many of you may know, I had the amazing opportunity to be a guest speaker at the #BlogHer20 Back To School virtual workshop on Thursday (August 27).

The event featured a fantastic line up of some pretty awesome and successful ladies and I was honored to be in the mix and have the opportunity to share my knowledge with the BlogHer community.

Here’s what you missed:

Podcasting 101 | Tune in to learn the ins and outs of podcasting. Find out everything you need to know from editing best practices, what equipment and software to invest in, how to monetize your podcast, and more! After this session, you’ll be able to strengthen your connection with your community and build your brand all from the comfort of your very own home.

Snack Break | Carla O’Brien takes the stage to share a snack the whole family can enjoy! Whether it’s in between meetings, after school, or by the campfire, take a moment to treat yourself with these sweet & simple recipes.

Lights, Camera, Action! | Upgrade your photo and video content with advice from the experts. Join us to get the latest equipment recommendations, studio setup tips, and visual story-telling best practices to increase your production value and create content across various platforms like a pro.

The Beginner’s Guide to Creating an Online Course | Take your expertise and turn it into earnings! Learn how to diversify your revenue stream by developing your very own online course. By structuring your lesson plans, launching and marketing your course, you’ll share your wealth of knowledge with your community in no time.

Being a part of #BlogHer20 Back To School was such an amazing experience and I thank all of you who tuned in to support and get the scoop from this great event.

Watch The Replay:

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