August Alsina & Tamar Braxton Speak On How They Leaned On Each Other During The Taping Of ‘The Surreal Life’

August Alsina and Tamar Braxton recently appeared on REVOLT’s “Black Girl Stuff” and revealed that they were each other’s rock during the taping of “The Surreal Life.”

Tamar said she was happy to see August walk through the door on the show because she felt like she had an ally.

August said he felt safe seeing Tamar because he’s never done reality tv and he views her as a top dog in the reality world.

I was so happy to see Tamar because like I said this is your world your, like, top dog in this reality tv world.

And I just felt a little bit more safe because I just never imagined myself doing reality tv in ever… in ever!

Tamar said she learned that August is really deep on the show.

So this is the thing for me I got from doing the show with August is that he’s really really deep, you know, and it’s very interesting.

And he puts a lot of things into perspective that you kind of really don’t think about, and so I really learned a lot.

You know what I mean, because on my journey, you know like, I was really kind of into myself and kind of like, you know, evolving and things like that.

And, you know, he just kind of allowed a safe space to do that.

August expressed that Tamar held him accountable for his actions, and she made him more lighthearted on the show.

Like I said this is her world so I felt like as long as I know she’s in the house, I know she in the building, like, she not gonna let me make a move that just could look all the way f***ed up on tv.

And she kind of made me be more lighthearted because, you know, it’s really easy to lose your head out here bruh!

They also spoke about their bond with losing siblings and dealing with mental health issues.

August Alsina got very emotional talking about raising his nieces after his sister passed.

I guess the main part is that my sister is my sister in love that was my dead brother’s fiancée.

And so when she died of cancer she asked me to take custody if I would, and I told her of course.

I, you know, just didn’t think she was going to die because she had already beat cancer one time before.

But, she has a mom, and she has her side of the family, it just kind of, it’s like a, you know, seesaw and a push-pull tug of war type thing where it’s I don’t know if her mother feels a way that my sister asked me to take custody of them.

But I always want them to have a relationship with their grandmother so it’s just a tough situation so I just kind of, I show up how I can, when I can, where I can, and I just pulled back, you know, just to not cause, like you know, any further disruption. 

Tamar confirmed that August is an amazing girl dad.

What I really love about August is, like, you see this side of him but he’s like a dad.

It’s amazing it’s so attractive, and… not like that, that’s my brother… It really truly, honestly is to see a black man with all of these levels, you know what I mean. 

And he’s so positive and so, like, being able to be a girl dad, is just like… I told him you’re gonna make somebody an amazing husband.

Watch the August Alsina and Tamar Braxton interview on “Black Girl Stuff” below:

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