Atlanta Homeowner Tim Arko Arrested After Squatters Told Police He Was A Home Invader

Atlanta Homeowner Tim Arko has been trying to get his home back for six months from squatters who had him arrested, claiming he was a home invader.

Tim said days after tenants moved out of his East Lake rental home, squatters moved in, and when he pulled into the driveway they pulled a gun on him.

I just jumped the fence and ran. I didn’t know what else to do.

I didn’t walk in on a family eating dinner, I walked in on weapons, a prostitute, a bunch of dogs in the back, my fence broken down.

And they told the police I was a home invader. And that it was their home and so I ended up being arrested and detained.

Tim Arko was not charged with a crime after showing proof that the property belonged to him, but due to backlogs with the courts and the Marshal’s office, Tim has been unable to enter his home.

Since February Tim has been fighting to evict the squatters in court.

After months of court delays, Tim’s eviction notice has been signed, but now he’s waiting on the Marshals.

News reporters approached an individual living in Tim’s house and asked him if he was a squatter, and he claimed he had a lease and denied breaking into the home.

Tim Arko said he believes the squatters are trespassers and criminals, not people that got duped.

Marshals told Tim that he should be able to evict by September.

Watch the “WSB-TV Channel 2” news report below:

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  1. Wow…I was once rented a home by a man who didn’t even own the place. I was shocked when the real owner knocked at the door and asked me why I was in his place. Thank God he was a kind man. He told me that the guy was a man that use to work for him and I wasn’t the only person he had rented his places out too.

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