Ashley Forrestier from OWN’s hit series, “Put A Ring On It,” gave a very in-depth recap of the reunion special on her Instagram Live, with appearances from Kwame, Egypt (reunion host), and Hollywood.

Ashley and her soulmate of nine years, Hollywood, easily had the most interesting and entertaining storyline on the show, and by the end of the season, Ashley admittedly caught true feelings for another guy who the show sent her on dates with.

The premise of the show is couples on the verge of marriage test their relationships by going on dates with other people to see if they are truly committed to each other and ready to seal their relationship with a ring or if they are willing to leave their relationship to pursue a future with someone else.

When Ashley started dating Kwame the chemistry was instant and undeniable. Hollywood, who Ashley had been committed to for nine years grew more and more frustrated with the process the more dates Ashley went on with Kwame.

At the end of each date, the person that was in the relationship got to choose if they wanted to continue dating the person the show set them up with or if they wanted the show to find them somebody new that they were more compatible with. Ashley chose to continue dating Kwame multiple times.

Hollywood didn’t go on any second dates and he made it clear that he was on the show because he wanted to show his girl Ashley that he was now ready for marriage despite the issues they had in the past.

At the end of the show, Hollywood did propose and Ashley accepted and they both said they learned a lot about themselves through the process of the show.

The reunion special aired Friday night (Jan. 8) and reunion host Egypt asked Ashley some very tough questions concerning the real feelings she developed for Kwame, who was also on set. When Ashley, Hollywood, & Kwame were on set together the chemistry was still very evident between Ashley and Kwame and Hollywood made sure he let them both know that he wasn’t feeling it.

Ashley took to hear Instagram Live after the reunion aired and very honestly answered questions from fans, and she chatted with Kwame, Egypt, and Hollywood.

The Live is very lengthy so here is a breakdown of the minute marks for the guest she had on:

Kwame – 0:22:30 min. – 0:38:52 min.

Egypt – 0:44:10 min. – 0:49:27 min.

Hollywood – 1:22:00 min. – 2:24:10 min.

David (Ready To Love) – 2:37:29 min. – 3:04:45 min.

Little Black Book 91 (UK Marriage Counselor) – 3:05:00 min. – 3:33:23 min.

Scoop Ashley’s full Instagram Live below:

Ashley Forrestier is definitely a beautiful woman with a beautiful spirit, and she opened herself up and allowed herself to make a true connection on the show.

I believe she truly loves Hollywood, and the relationship that she developed with Kwame sparked some emotions she hadn’t felt in a long time.

Many fans believe that her heart is truly with Kwame because of their undeniable chemistry, but Ashley stood on honesty throughout the show and I believe her heart resides with Hollywood.

Do you think Ashley made the right decision staying with Hollywood?


  1. Ashley you are a very beautiful woman. From the outside looking in, you glowed with Kwame. Hollywood on the other hand, in my opinion, he may love you, but he don’t know how to love you. He is a little too relaxed and he truly feels like you’re not going anywhere. Maybe your hesitation is really your intuition.

  2. Ashley you deserve better. You are worth so much more. As you stated multiple times Hollywood is too easily ready to DISPOSE of the relationship.
    If you are disposable to him, then he’s definitely not for you.
    You are beautiful inside and out, and since he can only relate to your outside, allow yourself to be loved on the inside, first my you and then by someone who can identify with the love you have for yourself.

  3. Sometimes you can love a person so much, but they are just not good for you. You’ve been together a long time and while you may always have love for him, he may not be the person that can truly make you happy. You’ve grown up with Hollywood, but you’ve grown up and out grown the relationship.

    Whether it’s Kwame or someone else
    Down the road, I believe your relationship with Hollywood has run its course. Be grateful and thankful for all you have experienced together and move on.

    It might be good for you to take sometime
    to be alone and and really identify what YOU want in a safe space. Blessings and Love

    P.S. No disrespect to Hollywood he’s a fine man, but Kwame has ignited a passion in you you should no longer deny❤️

  4. I believe Hollywood loves you but he does not know how to love you. As long as you truly love him and you are truly happy with your relationship that is all that matters. Continue to be honest with your feelings and I pray all works out for your good.

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