OWN has released a first look at their new Will Packer series, “Put A Ring On It,” where couples will test their relationships by dating other people.

The unscripted relationship series will follow four longtime couples who will embark on the ultimate test – dating other people.

Under the guidance of relationship coach Dr. Nicole LaBeach, the couples are pushed outside their comfort zones from week to week to confront the question they’ve been too afraid to ask: Is this my happily ever after?

The couples will finally find out if they are truly meant to be together in this experiment.

Watch a first look at “Put A Ring On It” and the new season of “Ready To Love” below:

Meet The Couples:

Mimi & Eyuless

There have been plenty of ups and downs in this six-year relationship— and more than a few breakups. Yet despite the turbulence, Eyuless and Mimi agree that their love is still strong. However, there are plenty of issues that have stopped them from taking their relationship to the next level.  Although they agree that they’ve made great strides in fixing their problems (and are healing from an incident of infidelity) deep down they both question whether too much damage has already been done. Can PAROI help this couple heal their wounds and move forward together or is it time to cut their losses?

Che & Michael

Che and Michael’s relationship history is anything but typical. They’ve been in each other’s lives for more than five years, but their two years of dating were actually separated by a three-year gap– during which Michael was engaged to someone else! During their time apart, Michael never stopped caring for Che– which ultimately led to the demise of Michael’s other relationship. Now that they’re back together, Che and Michael spend every possible moment together—but things are far from perfect. Che questions Michael’s ability to be faithful, as evidenced by both his past relationship failures and a recent slip-up that admittedly fell far short of actual infidelity. Michael, meanwhile, secretly harbors some doubts that Che is truly his soulmate and still hasn’t introduced her to his mom! Can PAROI help this couple put their doubts to rest and move forward?

Ashley & Hollywood

Ashley and Hollywood have had a solid 9 years together, and despite the minor squabbles that any couple faces, they seem to get along great. So why hasn’t Hollywood popped the question? Well… he has. Five years ago, as a matter of fact. But somehow, the proposal did not actually result in a marriage, and after the anticipated date came and went several times without a wedding materializing, Ashley broke off the engagement. But the two remained a couple and have been in limbo ever since. The irony is that now, after dragging his feet for years, Hollywood claims he’s ready to give it another shot, but Ashley is plagued with doubts, and now she’s the one pumping the brakes. But there’s one thing they both agree on– it’s time to Put a Ring On It or move on!

Vince & Tamika

It was love at first sight when this couple met on a film set—at least for Vince. Although he knew Tamika was “the one” right away, Tamika took a lot more convincing. And despite their strong relationship, it seems Tamika continues to expect Vince to prove himself—up to and including his worthiness as a potential husband. Vince has little doubt that Tamika is the one he wants to marry, but Tamika is still holding onto some shady behavior Vince perpetrated by staying in contact with an ex at the beginning of their relationship. And although he’s given her no concrete reason to doubt him since, Tamika can’t shake the feeling that Vince is untrustworthy. Can PAROI help Vince prove himself to Tamika and enable her to fully accept his love?

See the couples.

Will you be tuned in on October 23?

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