Busta Rhymes recently opened up about his emotional 100-pound weight loss during an appearance on the “Tamron Hall Show.”

The Hip Hop legend discussed how he let himself go while improperly dealing with the pain of losing people he loved dearly. 

Busta revealed on the set of a video shoot, they wrapped his belly with electrical duct tape to help disguise how “badly out of shape” he was.

Bussa Buss went on to tell Tamron Hall how the weight gain also caused him to develop sleep apnea (where you stop breathing in your sleep).

He shared an incident where his sons thought he had died in his sleep. 

The following day, a visit to the doctor resulted in him being rushed into emergency surgery.

Watch the emotional and inspiring interview below.

Good for Busta Rhymes!

Health is wealth and I’m so proud of him and happy for him!