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NYPD’s problematic plainclothes anti-crime unit is being disbanded according to Police Commissioner Dermot Shea. 

On Monday (June 15), Commissioner Shea said the 600 cops in the units would be reassigned to other responsibilities. 

This is a policy shift coming from me personally. It’s a big move. I would consider this in the same realm as (moving away) from stop, question and frisk. It’s time to move forward and change how we police in this city. We can do it with brains, with guile, and not with brute force.

Shea also made it his business to point out the George Floyd protests “did not factor in here.” 

He doesn’t have to give the protests credit for his decision, but I’m sure to the public outcry to defund the police by as much as $1 billion got his attention.

Just to give you an idea of how long the plainclothes anti-crime unit has been terrorizing the community – it was 4 plainclothes officers who killed 23-year-old Amadou Diallo after firing 41 shots at him in 1999. 

All four officers were acquitted of all charges.

Good riddance.

Source: NY Daily News