Arizona Mother Stung 75 Times By A Swarm Of Bees, Children Unharmed

An Arizona mom on a Spring photo shoot with her two daughters was stung 75 times by a swarm of bees, and officials say she did everything right to protect her kids.

The swarm of bees attacked the photo shoot and the mother sprung into action to get her daughters in the car.

The grandmother called the police and alerted them that her daughter and her granddaughters were under attack by a swarm of bees.

She told them that she thinks her granddaughters were safe in the car, but she believes her daughter is still under attack.

My daughter can’t get in the car, she’s being attacked by bees.

My granddaughters are with her, please send some help.

…No, I think they’re in. I think they’re inside that… I don’t know. I’m trying to get back to her. She just called me.

Firefighters showed up in rescue gear and sprayed water and foam into the swarm to subdue the bees.

They took the kids from the vehicle to the fire truck to secure their safety.

The mother was stung 75 times, but reportedly, she is okay.

The kids were unharmed.

Ashley Losch, the Public Information Officer, Arizona Fire and Medical Authority says the mother’s quick actions under duress was really impress, and she should really be considered a hero.

She of course wanted to protect her babies, which most moms would.

And to have the foresight to pick them up and get them into the car under that much duress is really impressive.

…They really didn’t experience any injuries because of the fast actions of the mom she’s really the hero of this story.

Experts say if your every attacked by a swarm of bees you should:

  • Run in a straight line
  • Cover your face
  • Get indoors

Experts also recommend that you don’t jump into the water if you ever get swarmed at a lake or a pool because the bees will follow you, wait for you, and sting your face as it comes out of the water.

Watch the “GMA” story below:

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