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A video has emerged of K. Michelle reminiscing about her college experience at Florida A&M (FAMU) and being inspired by her friend Rico Love.

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In the video clip, K. Michelle is at a bar, and she reveals that she and Rico went to FAMU together, and they used to sit on campus as Freshmen and talk about how they were going to be famous one day.

She said Rico left to pursue his dreams, and when she saw him in Usher’s video, she wanted to leave college too, but her mother had other plans for her.

… that was my first manager me and Rico Love

We went to Florida A&M. We were friends.

We sat on campus, Freshman year, me and Rico Love, as friends, and we always talked about we was going to be famous.

And we was going, and I remember he was, like, in Usher’s video.

And I was like, ‘Oh, he left college… to go be a writer and stuff, a rapper.

And I was like, ‘I’m leaving college too.’

My mom was like, ‘Your a** ain’t leaving no college.’

…I went to Florida A&M. I was Miss Florida A&M.

…Yeah, I pledged, graduated, got in law school.

…Yeah, so, I would just sit there, and say, ‘Oh my God me and Rico, he was sitting right here. Now he’s sitting at Usher’s house.

I can’t!… Aahhh!’

They was like, ‘Girl, if you drop out of school and don’t get this degree…

Watch the video clip below:

Many people in the comments vouched for K.Michelle’s story:

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