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Ari Lennox went smooth TF off after a concertgoer threw a water bottle at her while she was performing on stage.

The Grammy-nominated artist was performing as the opening act on Rod Wave‘s Nostalgia Tour when the incident occurred.

Ari was leading the crowd in affirmations before she began performing her hit single, “Pressure.”

Just as Ari Lennox began singing a water bottle flew past her head and she diverted all of her attention to delivering a good ole Washington, D.C. cuss out to her perpetrator of the disrespectful act.

The singer was so frustrated that she simply left the stage afterward.

Watch clips of the incident below.

Ari Lennox is currently trending on X (formerly Twitter) as people react to what happened.

Read a few tweets below.

I hate that this happened to Ari Lennox especially considering her love/hate relationship with the music industry.

The singer was arrested in Amsterdam after she said she was racially profiled.

She’s been asked inappropriate questions during interviews and Ari has lashed out at her label and fans who criticized her for complaining too much.

In an interview with the R&B Money Podcast, Ari Lennox said she wanted a “family” and wouldn’t hesitate to leave music for love. 

Ari Lennox Says She Would Leave Music For Love
Ari Lennox via YouTube

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This ugly incident comes four months after Ari celebrated seven months of sobriety and shared that she is more “stable, alert, happy, and safe.”

Her team has to step up to keep her safe because she shouldn’t even be subjected to Rod Wave’s fans.

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