Anthony Anderson recently shared a video to his Instagram where he hitched a ride from some people he met in Best Buy in order to get some TVs he purchased to his new apartment.

He captioned the video:

Saturday I walked to #bestbuy to get tv’s for my NYC apt and realized I had no way of getting them to my place.

This brother Alex was ahead of me in line so I asked if he would drive me to my place and he agreed.

What he didn’t tell me was that he had someone in the car and that it was full of work equipment.

But we made it! Just another one for the books!

In the video, Anthony is actually driving the car, and he made sure to share that Alex, the owner of the vehicle, told him that he would have to put the car in reverse in order to drive it forward.

Alex is cracking up with laughter in the video, and he appears to be sitting on his friend Charm’s lap in the passenger seat.

Anthony shows the TVs that he purchased in the back of the vehicle, and it looks like a tight fit with the three of them and a bunch of TVs in the back.

At the end of the video, Anthony pans the camera to show Alex and Charm and says, “If I don’t make it back to the set of ‘Law & Order’ call the police… this what they look like!”

Watch the video below:

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Shoutout to Alex and Charm for helping Anthony Anderson out.