American Idol” season 4 finalist Nadia Turner was surprised by her daughter Zaréh’s audition 17 years later, on season 20’s fourth auditions episode on Sunday (March 20).

Zaréh told her mother that she was taking her on a spa date, but unbeknownst to her Zaréh had coordinated with the American Idol crew for her mom to witness her audition.

As they pulled up to the venue, Nadia got out of the car blindfolded, and she was greeted by Ryan Seacrest who told her that her daughter wanted to surprise her with her “American Idol” audition.

Nadia was completely shocked because she thought she was headed to the spa, but she was excited to support her daughter’s audition.

The judges were blown away by the fact that Nadia had been on the show as a finalist 17 years prior, and her 21-year-old daughter was about to audition for them in the same top that her mom wore on her audition.

Zaréh’s audition went well. She effortlessly sang a rendition of “Bust Your Windows” by Jazmine Sullivan.

Her mother got emotional and shed some tears during her performance.

It was an amazing moment to witness.

Watch the video below:

We wish Zaréh all the best on her “American Idol” journey.

Carrie Underwood beat out Bo Bice to win season 4 of Idol in 2005, but Nadia made it to the final eight.

Watch Nadia’s audition from 2005 below:

It’s easy to see where Zaréh gets her talent from.

Source: ET