Florida man Alton Ashby, 51, went to Best Buy to get some help from the Geek Squad, but when they refuse to assist him until he put on a mask he spazzed out.

Ashby was mask-less when he entered the Vero Beach Walmart. When the Geek Squad gave him a mask to put on, he put it on quickly, then ripped it off and spit on the counter.

The Geek Squad employees walked away, and Ashby proceeded to walk around the store coughing, sneezing, and spitting on products on the shelves.

Best Buy employees insisted that he leave the store, but before he left he intentionally spilled Coke on the floor.

The police caught up with Ashby at a nearby traffic light, and he told them he was “going through a lot” and got carried away at the Best Buy.

Alton Ashby was charged with disorderly conduct, and he posted $500 bond.

All I can say is Florida man antics are undefeated.

Source: Daily News