Anjanette Young, the woman who was left handcuffed and naked by Chicago police during a wrongful raid, says the $2.9 million settlement is “not justice.”

Ms. Young sat down with Gayle King on “CBS Mornings” to talk about the trauma she experienced during the 2019 raid. 

She told Gayle: 

I didn’t lose my life that night. 

But, I lost a lot of my life that night. 

I actually thought that if I had done anything different than what I was doing…I would have died that night.

They yelled, ‘Put your hands up,’ and that’s what I did.

I stood there in fear and praying and hoping that they would not shoot me.

Anjanette Young made it very clear that when she took legal action against the city of Chicago, she was not looking for money – she wanted all of the officers involved to be fired.

At the time of this post, none of the officers have been fired nor suspended.

Watch the full interview below.

I pray Anjanette keeps fighting until she receives true justice.