Anjanette Young Offered $2.9 Million Settlement For Wrongful Police Raid

Anjanette Young was the victim of a wrongful police raid that left her naked and handcuffed in her home, and now the city of Chicago is close to a settlement for their infraction.

The incident took place in February 2019.

12 police officers forced their way into her home, and she was completely naked for approximately 16 seconds before she was given a jacket and a blanket to cover herself.

Young recently told the New York Times that the incident has turned her life upside down.

I lived a very quiet and simple life, and now my life has been completely turned upside down. I can’t sleep at night.

The warrant used by the officers was based on faulty information.

Sgt. David Wolinski, who supervised the raid, is facing dismissal. The following disciplinary charges have been filed against Wolinski:

  • Overseeing the warrant’s delivery with no practice of the knock and announce rule.
  • Failing to give Young a copy of the warrant or notify SWAT team to assist in its execution.
  • Failure to intervene in the disrespectful treatment of Young.

The finance committee of Chicago’s City Council has unanimously approved a $2.9 million settlement for Young, according to The Chicago Tribune.

The settlement is slated to appear on the full City Council’s agenda on Wednesday (December 15) for final approval.

The settlement nearly triples the $1 million offer that Young recently rejected at a mediation hearing this spring.

Her attorneys called the $1 million offer “lowball.”

According to City Corporation Council Celia Meza, “All parties have agreed to Ms. Young and her Council and the City – $2.9 million.”

But, Alderman Raymond Lopez, who is a member of the council, said the settlement was too low.

In my opinion, this settlement is not enough. My heart of heart tells me that this is insufficient.

Young’s legal team reportedly has not commented on the settlement amount.

Mayor Lori Lightfoot said, “We all saw the way in which she was treated. I think it’s a good thing that this matter is resolved.”

Young is very critical of Mayor Lightfoot and the city legal department because they previously tried to get Young’s lawsuit dismissed.

Watch the video below:

On Monday (December 13), Mayor Lightfoot said, “We need to heal from this and move forward.”

Hopefully, Anjanette Young will be properly compensated and she can get back to some normalcy in her live.

Source: The Grio

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