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Amanda Seales took to Instagram after the NAACP Image Awards to speak out about not being recognized in Black spaces.

The outspoken comedian and actress told her followers, “If it wasn’t for y’all…I would really think that I ain’t doing s—!

Amanda went on to run down the CarFax Report of Black spaces she has been excluded from.

I don’t get invited to Essence Women in Hollywood. I’ve never been invited to the NAACP Image Awards.

I’ve been nominated for an Image Award – never been invited to the NAACP Image Awards.

Never been honored at Black Girls Rock… I’ve hosted these events.

I literally hosted the BET Awards in 2020 in my house and I was not invited to the BET Awards since. 

Amanda Seales expressed her gratitude to her community of supporters for “reminding me that I really am valuable because the game and the industry that I am in has never let me know.”

Watch Amanda’s video statement below. 

‘We Hear You’

Essence jumped into Amanda Seales’ comments to acknowledge her feelings and vowed to do better.

We hear you and we love you. We will do a better job at showing up for you and showing you that the love is real. Happy to offline to see where we can show up for you. 🫶🏾

Soul singer Syleena Johnson, who definitely doesn’t get the flowers she deserves, offered these words of support to Amanda. 

We see you and hear you sis! You are very MUCH a household name where I’m from! Same here sis, this industry pretty much rotates the same people 🤷🏽‍♀️ luckily success isn’t measured by those invites! You’re providing thought that helps to change hearts and minds. Way more important in my opinion.

Bambi, of “Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta,” gave Amanda Seales these words of love:

I randomly thought about you today and how much I truly appreciate everything you’ve been doing… and I’ve learned so much from you. 💐 🫶🏾 It sucks not getting the acknowledgment you deserve, but you have some people who really appreciate you.

Amanda Offers Clarity

Amanda Seales posted another video on Instagram to clarify her initial video after her message appeared to have gotten lost in translation. 

Someone commented: 

Yeah that last jawn wasn’t delivering what it was supposed to mama cause it sounded like you were upset bout them not liking you even though you said you didn’t care. It seemed as if you did cause we all know not all black spaces are for black faces 😂😂😂😂.

Amanda responded: 

I said I don’t care about yt spaces. I said I only care about Black spaces. I DO care that I am not regarded by the spaces I work to protect. However, I appreciate that regardless of their failure to do so THE PEOPLE show love where they do not.

See her second video post below. 

Social Media Reacts

Amanda Seales is currently trending on Twitter as people take to their timelines to discuss and react to her videos about not being recognized in Black spaces.

One person tweeted:

Amanda Seales complaining that Black Hollywood doesnt F with her after years of burning bridges and ruining her chance to properly conclude her last big role because she was beefing with the black cast, is the on brand lack of self-awareness that I expect from her. #NAACPAwards

Someone else tweeted: 

I briefly looked up the line up for Essence Fest and quickly spotted: anti-vaxxers, accused abusers and assaulters, anti-trans spewers, Jess Hilarious, and former drug dealers. But Amanda Seales being annoying is the line? Yeah, ok, yeah.

Read a few more tweets below. 

Who Is Amanda Seales? 

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Amanda Seales, formerly known as Amanda Diva, was born on July 1, 1981, in Los Angeles, California. 

She’s a multifaceted talent, excelling as a comedian, host, DJ, author, and content creator. 

Her journey began at age 8 when she moved to Orlando and attended Dr. Phillips High School. 

After high school, she pursued her passion for education, earning her undergraduate degree from SUNY Purchase before completing her master’s in African American studies with a concentration in hip hop at Columbia University.

Amanda Seales Movies and TV Shows

Seales made her acting debut at the age of 12 in the film Cop and a Half (1993), alongside Burt Reynolds.

However, she later took a step back from acting to focus on her academic pursuits.

During this time, she appeared on HBO’s “Def Poetry Jam” and delved into music, joining Floetry in 2007.

Amanda Seales also self-released five EPs and mixtapes, showcasing her diverse talents.

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In 2011, Seales transitioned back to television, reclaiming her birth name and exploring new avenues in her career. She gained widespread recognition as VJ Amanda Diva, representing hip-hop on MTV2 Sucker Free Sundays.

She continued to expand her repertoire, hosting the “Empire After Show” on Fox in 2016 and hosting a recurring show, “Smart, Funny & Black,” in Los Angeles.

Amanda continued her winning streak by becoming part of the recurring cast of the acclaimed HBO series “Insecure” (2016-2021).

Amanda Seales in ‘Insecure’ (Photo: Raymond Liu/HBO)

Additionally, she co-hosted the hit daytime talk show “The Real” in 2020, albeit for six months.

As the CEO of DivaWorks Inc, her production company, Seales creates engaging content for both stage and screen.

She is deeply passionate about empowering young women, combating racial discrimination, and serves as the social media ambassador for Grenada, her mother’s home island in the West Indies.

Her commitment to these causes is evident in her work, which aims to inspire and uplift audiences worldwide.

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