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Real Housewives of Atlanta” star Marlo Hampton revealed she was addicted Ozempic and detailed the toll it took on her body.

Marlo Hampton’s Ozempic Addiction

During a conversation with Carlos King, Marlo admitted, “I’m missing it right now, but I’m done with it.

Marlo Hampton went on to detail her experience with the weight loss drug and the toll that it took on her body. 

I had got addicted to it, b—!

I had lost 30 pounds, sample sizes, everybody was sending me clothes, I was like, ‘Yes! Yes!’

Then, I was like, ‘Alright, b—!

Your menstrual acting funny, you getting a lil breakout, this s— is messing with my body.’

Marlo revealed Ozempic caused her to be constipated for three weeks. 

I’m literally full of s—!

After gathering her composure, Marlo Hampton shared:

Anyone out there doing it – I did do it for six months…I know my body.

I barely even go to the restroom, but really wasn’t doing number two.

Then, my face started breaking out, my menstrual started acting funny.

So, now I’ve got to get to working out, b—.

I gotta start working out cause I’ve gained 10 pounds being off of it now.

Watch below as Marlo gives Carlos the scoop.

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What Is Ozempic?

Ozempic is a diabetes drug that helps lower blood sugar by helping the pancreas make more insulin. 

It has become a hit among celebrities for its rapid weight loss effect. 

Celebrities Who Have Spoken Out About Ozempic

Sharon Osbourne

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“You can’t stay on it forever. I lost 42 pounds now and it’s just enough…I didn’t want to go this thin. It just happened.”

Tracy Morgan

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“I went and got a prescription, and I got Ozempic. And I ain’t letting it go … It cuts my appetite in half. Now I only eat half a bag of Doritos.”

Amy Schumer

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“Like a year ago, I tried it. I was one of those people that felt so sick and couldn’t play with my son. I was so skinny and he’s throwing a ball at me and [I couldn’t].”

Anthony Anderson (who is living with type 2 diabetes)

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“I will say this, it’s creating a shortage for those of us who need the medicine that we need and not for weight loss issues, but for our health.”

Chelsea Handler

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My anti-aging doctor just hands it out to anybody. I didn’t even know I was on it. She said, ‘If you ever want to drop five lbs., this is good.’ I came back from a vacation and I injected myself with it. I went to lunch with a girlfriend a few days later, and she was like, ‘I’m not really eating anything. I’m so nauseous, I’m on Ozempic.’ And I was like, ‘I’m kind of nauseous too.’ But I had just come back from Spain and was jet-lagged. I’m not on it anymore. That’s too irresponsible. I’m an irresponsible drug user, but I’m not gonna take a diabetic drug. I tried it, and I’m not gonna do that. That’s not for me. That’s not right for me. I’ve injected about four or five of my friends with Ozempic because I realized I didn’t wanna use it cause it’s silly. It’s for heavy people. Everyone is on Ozempic. It’s gonna backfire, something bad is gonna happen.”

As with any medicine, there are potential side effects. 

Please be wise and use caution when it comes to your health. 

I’m glad Marlo Hampton decided to stop using Ozempic.

Hopefully, she has found a gentle laxative.

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