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Amanda Seales has had enough! The multi-hyphenate took to the streets of Instagram to sound off after The Grio published an opinion article about her.

The article’s title is “Amanda Seales Is Not A Victim Of Anything But Her Own Hubris.”

For those looking confused, hubris means “exaggerated pride or self-confidence.”

The articles written about Amanda stem from her speaking out last month about not being recognized in Black spaces.

The outspoken comedian and actress told her followers, “If it wasn’t for y’all…I would really think that I ain’t doing s—!

Amanda went on to run down the CarFax Report of Black spaces she has been excluded from including Essence Women In Hollywood, NAACP Image Awards, Black Girls Rock, and the BET Awards.

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Amanda Seales Sounds Off

In a fit of frustration, Amanda Seales unleashed on everyone and the publications she says have tried to break her.

You people, who are continuing to attempt to break me down – you will not break me!

You cannot break me! I am loved. I am anointed. I am touched.

I am working through the blood of our ancestors.

You will not break me!

Watch the clip below as Amanda sounds off!

Celebrities Show Support

Amanda Seales’ comment section rapidly filled up with celebrities offering words of support and encouragement.

Tisha Campbell wrote: “F— I HATE THIS FOR HER… FOR US!!!! We have to do better for our opinion leaders. Amanda you are loved please please please know this.”

Tatiyana Ali wrote: “Remember- the path is narrow. Don’t be dismayed and please don’t be discouraged. Take heart ❤️. And take care of your heart.”

Chris Reddis wrote: “Aye fam, f— those people!!! You’ve been loving the people and the people know the deal.”

Jessie Woo wrote: “Enough is ENOUGH BRO. All these op-eds based on rumors yet no.”

Mysonne wrote: “We love you!! Fk Dem People Sis!!”

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