‘Pour Minds’ Podcast Host Drea Nicole & Lex P Give ‘Baddie’ Confessions On ‘The Breakfast Club’

‘Pour Minds’ Podcast Host Lex P & Drea Nicole Give ‘Baddie’ Confessions On ‘The Breakfast Club’

Pour Minds” podcast hosts Drea Nicole and Lex P recently stopped by “The Breakfast Club” and shared some of their “baddie” stories.

Drea Nicole describes a baddie as:

You have to look the part, but, you know, that’s secondary. I feel like it’s more of a mindset thing.

Lex P defines a baddie as: 

Somebody who, like… They’re confident, first of all.

They walk in a room it doesn’t matter, you know, how other people view them they know how they view themselves.

And I feel like that’s with us. Like, we don’t care what clip goes viral, or what y’all think.

Y’all could be like how these birds get on “Breakfast Club” cause it’s going to be a lot of people saying that…

During the interview, Drea Nicole and Lex P share some of their baddie experiences in relationships from men buying them cars to paying off student loans.

Much like their podcast “Pour Minds,” they kept the conversation very entertaining.

They had Charlamagne and DJ Envy cracking up throughout the interview.

Watch “The Breakfast Club” clip below:

Watch the full interview below:

Drea Nicole and Lex P have the following dates remaining on their tour:

If you enjoyed Drea Nicole and Lex P’s energy, support them on their “Pour Minds” podcast.

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