Irv Gotti, like many hip hop fans, was caught off guard by Drake’s new album Honestly, Nevermind, so much so that he feels he needs to find the next hot artist to keep great hip hop alive.

Irv said he loves Drake, and he can do whatever he wants, but he doesn’t feel like his new album is hip hop.

He fears that Drake has the power and influence to shift hip-hop culture over to his wave.

Ironically, Beyoncé released a new song today (June 21) somewhat similar to the music on Drake’s new album.

Irv Gotti said Drake’s new album made him want to find a new raw artist to bring back hip hop.

That’s what that album made me feel like.

It made me feel like going to find me a raw new DMX, new Ja, new Jay, and serving n*****, and f***ing bringing back great hip hop.

That album is not hip hop.

Watch the video below:

Your thoughts?

Source: TMZ