Alexis Sky Says She’s Done With ‘Love & Hip Hop’

Alexis Skyy recently revealed on “The Hollywood Group Chat” podcast that her “Love & Hip Hop” journey has come to an end.

She said after four years and being in every city of the series, she’s just done with it.

…’Love & Hip Hop’ is done for me. 

It’s been a journey on that show, about four years.

I started actually, L.A., New York, Atlanta… I did every city.

So I’m kind of just done with that.

I just been in this different space in life.

So I’ve been low-key, like, away from people and just finding myself.

Alexis said she feels her experience on reality TV both helped and hurt her in her life.

It helped her by giving her a platform, and it hurt by promoting her negative side while downplaying her positive side.

She said the last season she filmed, a lot of people said they saw growth in her, and she believes it’s because she told the network, “y’all not gonna play with me this season because y’all always have me, like, drunk, throwing a drink, trying to fight, and I just didn’t want to be a part of that.”

Later in the interview, Alexis revealed that she’s working on a clothing brand with custom pieces called Top Gal Boutique, and she started a business with her daughter called the Hair Pot, a hair-growing company.

Alexis also shared her thoughts on plastic surgery during the interview:

Well, I just got surgery… I did one round of lipo and I did a** shots, like, 10 years ago.

I’ve never done lipo, so I went in December, it was the worst pain of my life… And I’m still in pain now, but um I don’t think I’ll ever do it again.

I’m gonna take my a** to the gym.

Watch the clip of the Alexis Skyy interview from “The Hollywood Group Chat” podcast below:

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