The Peter Gunz and Cisco Rosado Celebrity Boxing Match on Friday night in Atlantic City felt more like a Grudge Match.

The former “Love & Hip Hop stars turned foes faced off in the ring as one of the undercards to the Lamar Odom and Aaron Carter fight with Rich Dollaz as the special guest referee.

Peter Gunz - Cisco Rosado celebrity boxing match

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Cisco, who weirdly fought in a black t-shirt, came out victorious in the match-up. But, the outcome left many fans disgruntled and feeling like Peter got robbed.

At one point, the fight got so intense that Cisco tried to take off his gloves and fight with his bare knuckles. Yikes!

Watch the fight below. (55:45 mark)

After the fight, it was Peter Gunz’s remarks that warmed my heart.

When he was asked if the beef between he and Cisco Rosado was squashed, he responded:

Yes. Ultimately, the goal for this was to show kids and show people that you can put the gloves on and figure it out. You ain’t gotta run to the gun, you ain’t got to go get ya mans, you can get in and square off like men so we can stop killing one another.

Prior to the fight, Cisco posted a photo of himself and Peter Gunz with the caption:

When Best friends become Enemies. Still my brother though ????

See the post below.

But, after the fight, Cisco hugged his “brother.”

Peter Gunz - Cisco Rosado celebrity boxing match

Peter took to Instagram after the fight and posted:

And just like that it’s over!! Just want to say thank you to all my friends and family for the overwhelming support I love you all.. Congratulations @cisco_rosado let’s take our first drink together!! @celebrityboxing1 thanks for the opportunity..

See his post below.

Good for them.