Akbar V shows off her deformed feet

Akbar V took to social media to confidently show off her feet after years of embarrassment and her comments are in shambles.

The rapper and “Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta” alum shared that the deformity of her feet caused her to feel shame and self-consciousness.

Despite multiple foot doctor recommendations and offers from her celebrity friends to go with her to a doctor with her, Akbar V made it clear that she doesn’t plan to fix her feet because “God made me like this.”

She noted that she will be rocking her Hermes sandals this weekend.

The rapper wrote:

I use to be so self conscious bout my feet I’m not anymore … tread carefully with y’all jokes cause y’all know i can Joan and I’m very funny …

but nawl fr i build my confidence up to share this moment with y’all …. im happy with me all of me ….

Y’all these are my feet 😂😂😂😂 the doctor said they can fix that lil one by my pinky i Always was ashamed to wear sandals ion care I’m not nomore God mad me like this and i don’t want to fix it ….

i use to want to fix it 😂😂😂😂😂 not nomore today i put my fears aside and say ima wear some @hermes sandals this weekend…

i am about to start wearing open toe shoes God made me like this so I’m not bout to keep.

Hiding my feet at least they don’t stank it’s just that lil one by the pinky 😂😂😂😂😂😩

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Kelly Price must be going through something similar because she commented, “Let’s go together!!!!
I know a great dr in Beverly Hills.”

Tammy Rivera has all the hottest doctors on the line. She commented, “Boo I got a foot surgeon who capsule fix it for you if you interested.”

Meanwhile, Shamea Morton took the opportunity to get her jokes off. She commented, “Friend😂😭! It’s like they’re saying ‘pinky swear’ or ‘cross your heart’ 😩”

Akbar V feet comments

Someone even asked Akbar V if she gets a disability check for her feet.

We all have things that make us unique and different…and it’s okay to keep it to yourself.

I’m just blown away by the cruel things Akbar has said to and about others considering her own plight.

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