Kelly Price took to the streets of Instagram on Tuesday with a spicy message for JonJelyn Savage, the mother of R. Kelly‘s girlfriend, Joycelyn Savage.

Mr. Bigg’s goddaughter was recently interviewed by Luenell for VLAD TV and during their convo, Kelly admitted she had heard rumors about R. Kelly’s dealings with underage girls, but she never saw it.

She assumed he kept it away from her because he knew she would not have approved of it.

Kelly went on to say in the music industry there is a culture of mothers who bring their underage daughters backstage at concerts and it should be addressed across the board.

Watch the clip below.

On today’s episode of A Hit Dog Will Holler, JonJeyln Savage slid into an IG comment section, responded to Kelly, and warned her to “tread lightly.”

JonJelyn wrote:

@mskellyprice for whatever reason other moms were backstage or in business meetings at the studio, it doesn’t give him the right to recruit for his cult.

Let’s say your mom was backstage with u doing legitimate business moves in the industry, does that automatically mean u back there not for your talents & just as a groupie.

NO, it does not.

What he did to my family & I is inhumane & all who knew s/b brought to Justice along with him like @kevingyles @cherylmack etc, who turned a blind eye. I encourage u to thread lightly.

See the original comment below.

Kelly Price - JonJelyn Savage

Kelly Price reposted Mrs. Savage’s comment on her IG Story before she laced up her cyber Timberland boots and greased her face with metaverse vaseline to get some straightenin.

The caption on the live read:

Y’all threatening me now?

Don’t threaten me because you didn’t get the career you wanted after ALL you were willing to do to get one. I’m not the one sweetie.

Watch the video clip.

There is so much to unpack here, but I will leave that job to someone else.

However, I did find it ironic that Kelly Price responded to JonJelyn Savage faster than her family who was looking for her.

Your thoughts?