Nick Cannon Roasted On ‘The Masked Singer’ For Having 11 Kids

The Masked Singer” had “Comedy Roast Night” this week, and judge Ken Jeong and contestant Snowstorm seized the opportunity to throw some jabs at Nick Cannon.

Ken started the roasting off by saying, “I know Nick is tired he’s been up all night memorizing his kids’ names.”

A bevy of laughter and “ohs” were immediately heard from the crowd.

Contestant Snowstorm came prepared she even incorporated judge Nicole Scherzinger into her first joke:

So this song goes out to my favorite fearless lady Nicole. 

Who has had more famous exes than Nick has had baby mamas.

Nicole responded, “That’s a lot of baby mamas.”

When it was time for contestant Snowstorm to stand next to Nick to receive critiques from the judges on the show, she threw another quick jab at Nick.

I’m sorry I’m just so scared to get too close to you I don’t want to get pregnant, so I’m gonna…

Or maybe I do.

Once again the crowd echoed laughter and ohs.

Nick Cannon, being the professional he is, took all the jokes in good fun.

Watch the “ET” report below:

Only time will tell how many more branches Nick Cannon plans to add to his family tree.

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