[UPDATE: Chicago Police Says New Video Shows Gun In Adam Toledo’s Hand]

13-year-old Adam Toledo was murdered by Chicago police officer Eric Stillman on March 29, 2021.

Then, police claimed Adam had a gun in his right hand when he was fatally shot.

Disturbing bodycam footage released on Thursday by the city’s Civilian Office of Police Accountability proves police killed that child in cold blood, then lied to cover it up.

Police were reportedly responding to a call of shots fired in the West Side neighborhood around 2:30 a.m.

When they arrived, police said Adam and 21-year-old Ruben Roman ran from them. 

Roman fell to the ground and was handcuffed. 

Stillman continued to chase Adam Toledo down an alley. 

He commanded Adam stop running and show his hands.

The bodycam video shows Adam turning around, unarmed, with his hands in the air.

34-year-old Stillman yells, “Drop it, drop it,” then shoots Adam in the chest killing him.

At a press conference, Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot said the video was hard to watch.

As more and more people see this footage, I want to ask again that everyone tuning in thik first about Adam Toledo. No parent should ever have a video broadcast widely of their child’s last moments.

Adam Toledo is currently trending on social media as people react to the bodycam footage.

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