Chicago police say a new video shows Adam Toledo did have a gun in his hand prior to being fatally shot by Officer Eric Stillman on March 29, 2021.

Via TMZ:

The new videos provide a complete picture of what cops were responding to on March 29 — a report of shots fired. The new footage shows Adam and a 21-year-old man walking on the block when the shots are heard ringing out … and then running afterward.

Most importantly, though, police have frozen the moment the officer caught up to Adam in an alley — and the enhanced video shows the teen was holding something as the cop yelled, “Show me your f**king hands!” CPD says this is when Adam tossed the weapon and then — fractions of a second later — turned to raise his hands.

The disturbing bodycam footage released on Thursday by the city’s Civilian Office of Police Accountability did not show a gun in Adam’s right hand at the time he was fatally shot.

The video led to outrage as it appeared police lied about Adam having a weapon to cover the shooting.

Here’s where things are still murky.

According to this new video released by Chicago police, Adam Toledo dropped the weapon and complied with the commands of the officer and was STILL shot in the chest and killed.


Adeena Weiss Ortiz, the attorney for the Toledo family acknowledged Adam did appear to have a weapon.

During a press conference on Thursday news conference she stated, “He tossed the gun. If he had a gun, he tossed it. The officer said, ‘Show me your hands.’ He complied. He turned around.”

Do police have a third video to explain that away?