Lil Mo recently stopped by “Drink Champs” to chop it up with NORE and DJ EFN, and she told the story about how Missy put her on, and how her bank account was on swole at 21-years-old.

Lil Mo said she was in Green Acres Mall in New York, getting her nails done, when she got the word that Missy wanted her to call her based off of some reference tracks that Missy heard her sing on.

She said she was in disbelief at first, but when she called Missy from a payphone she was like, “Hold on!… Hold on!… Let me turn this music down. A yo!… You… Like… Do you want to go into?… Like, what exactly do you want to do?

Lil Mo said she responded, “First of all, is this really Missy Elliot?” She said Missy then asked if she could come to the city today and she went to the city and the rest is history.

She also recanted a story about people getting in her ear about Elektra Records CEO at the time, Sylvia Rhone, not doing enough for her early in her career, but in retrospect, she realized Sylvia really did have her back because she was very supportive of her music, and she put $600k in her bank account at 21-years-old.

Watch the video below:

Lil Mo has one of the illest B-More accents I’ve ever heard, I was surprised to learn she was born and raised in Long Island, New York.

Watch the full “Drink Champs” interview below:

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