Two of your cousins let you convince them to sue Chris Brown and Drake for copyright infringement over their hit single, “No Guidance”, and I want to know who is responsible!

Brandon “Mr. Cooper” Cooper and producer, Timothy“Drum’n Skillz” Valentine, believe Breezy and Champagne Papi’s “No Guidance” was inspired by their song “I Love Your Dress”.

Cooper claims his quadruple Styrofoam hit, “I Love Your Dress,” was released in 2016, three years before “No Guidance” was released. 

According to court documents obtained by TMZ, Cooper and Valentine assert that after analyzing the beat, hook, lyrics, and rhythmic structure, “No Guidance” was indeed copied or principally derived from “I Love Your Dress”.

Cooper also alleges that the lyric “flew the coop” in “No Guidance” was a play on his nickname, Coop.

The audacity.

Now, outside of the refrain of “she got it” in Cooper’s song and “you got it” in “No Guidance”, I don’t understand where this lawsuit comes from.  

Clearly, Mr. Cooper received no guidance from anyone when it came to filing this suit. 

Because I love you, I suffered through Cooper’s video to see if I could hear the alleged similarities.

Sung in the key of no, Cooper seems to have spent more on the graphics in the video than he did for production, writing, mixing, and mastering of the song.

There is a faint echo throughout the video saying “you got it”, where an argument of similarity could be made, but you have to squint your eyes, hold your breath, stand on one foot, and turn your head to the side to catch it. 

Check it out for yourself.

This lawsuit has got to be the greatest marketing plan of all time.

Cooper could not have gotten more views of this video on his own if he tried.

Pray for Mr. Cooper and Mr. Valentine because delusions of grandeur are real.

Let us know below if Chris Brown owes this man money and 5 minutes.

Source: TMZ