Bad Bunny Grammys Closed Captions 2023

50 Cent took to the streets of social media to blast the Grammys for their closed caption fails regarding Bad Bunny.

The 28-year-old Puerto Rican rapper is a 9X Grammy nominee and a 3X winner and quite possibly one of the biggest artists in the world.

But, when Bad Bunny hit the Grammys stage for his show-opening performance en español, CBS dropped the ball on the closed captions by simply writing “Speaking Non-English” and “Singing In Non-English.”

They dropped the ball again when Bad Bunny won his televised Grammy for Best Música Urbana Album for Un Verano Sin Ti.

50 Cent took to Instagram writing, “The Grammys need to be check about this, Fvcking @badbunnypr bigger than everybody right now and you can’t pay for closed caption. Wtf is this speaking Non-English. 🤨 FIX IT!”

In a second post, 50 doubled down writing, “👀 WTF going on here, 🤨 I DON’T WANT TO HEAR SH*T FIX IT!”

See the posts below.

Curtis was not alone as many others quickly jumped into the comment section to agree with him.

One commenter wrote, “Yes I am very very angry as well!! As a respectable member of the Latino community, I would like for subtitles to be updated for people that can’t understand our beautiful language. The Latino American community is here and here to stay so fix this for people that can’t speak Spanish 💯”

Another person commented, “Thank you for bringing this up!! It needs to get rectified asap.”

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