Kimberly Williams Breaks Her Silence On Her Husband’s Mysterious Death In Mexico

Kimberly Williams believes her husband’s death at a resort in Mexico was a homicide despite a Mexican pathologist claiming he died from a fall.

Kimberly and her husband, Elliot Blair, were both lawyers in Orange County, California, and they were celebrating their one-year anniversary at Las Rocas Resort Rosarito in Mexico when Elliot suffered a mysterious death.

Mexican authorities say the death was an accident, but Kimberly and her attorney, Case Barnett, believe Elliot was murdered.

Elliot was found dead in the middle of the night at the resort.

The incident occurred last month, and Kimberly said she is still having trouble sleeping.

I still can’t go in a bed… I can’t. I sleep on the couch because the last time I was in bed I was woken up to find my husband dead.

Kimberly Williams said when the police arrived it was a rollercoaster, and they gave her multiple causes of death including, an accident, a suicide, and a gunshot wound.

… Accident, suicide, gunshot wound… it was a roller coaster.

Suicide, it’s just, I mean, everything under the sun.

Except for what I think happened, someone did this to him.

Local authorities concluded that Elliot was drunk and fell from a balcony at the resort.

According to Kimberly, on their last day together, they woke up late, got massages, and had a margarita by the beach while watching the sunset.

Later they had dinner at a local restaurant and danced.

On their way back to the resort, they were stopped and pulled over by the Rosarito Beach police for allegedly rolling through a stop sign.

Kimberly said the officers asked them for money, and Elliot told them that they didn’t have the amount of money that they wanted.

The officers then asked where they were staying, and Elliot told them they were staying at the Las Rocas Resort.

As the officers kept asking for money, Kimberly said Elliot stood his ground, showed them his work badge, told them that they are both attorneys, they were not there to mess around, and they will not be taken advantage of.

Kimberly said eventually, they decided to empty their wallets, which amounted to $160, and the officers let them go.

We were both rattled, but at the same time we both had this feeling of thank God they didn’t do anything more to us.

They drove back to the resort and hung out at the bar before heading back to their room.

 I put on my pajamas, I turn the TV on, and I got in bed, and he went to take a shower, and I fell asleep.

Kimberly said the next thing she remembers is being woken up by two people in her room telling her that her boyfriend was dead.

Two people in my room waking me up, a security guard and the hotel manager, in my room, they’re saying, ‘Excuse me Miss, excuse me, excuse me, it’s your boyfriend down here.’

I ran out the front door, and they’re pointing over the side of our front door area to the ground.

That was my Elliot down there!… And I just was yelling at them to call an ambulance, call an ambulance, call an ambulance!

They said an ambulance came an hour ago.

A family lawyer said that Elliot watched a video on Instagram at 12:35 AM, and 15 minutes later, according to 9-1-1 calls at 12:50 AM the resort called to report a person who apparently suffered a fall.

The paramedics concluded at 1:10 AM that Elliot had no vital signs.

Two days later, the Attorney General of Baja California stated that Elliot had consumed a considerable amount of alcohol the night he died.

Kimberly said she recalled Elliot having five or six drinks that night, the last one being a margarita at the resort lobby around 11:30 PM.

She said in her nine years of knowing and being with Elliot, she had never seen him sloppy drunk or not being able to walk and care for himself.

The family has made images public of Elliot’s injuries to his arms and legs to show that they are not consistent with a drunken fall.

Biomechanics expert Dr. Ramihashish confirmed the family’s hypothesis.

There’s bruising marks on the body, there’s indications of potential being dragged on the front of the body, there’s fractures to the back of the skull.

Nothing really points to the fact that it was necessarily an accident.

Kimberly Williams said she is speaking out now because she wants people to know who her Elliot is, and she wants to make sure he’s remembered.

Two independent forensic pathologists who reviewed the autopsy came to two different conclusions.

The Mexican pathologists said, based on the images Elliot’s injuries were consistent with a fall, and an American pathologist said, based on the same images Elliot’s injuries look like a homicide.

The family is pursuing an autopsy for themselves, and they say the results should be available in five or six weeks.

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