50 Cent is upset and blames Starz after learning “Power Book III: Raising Kanan” did not receive an NAACP Image Awards nomination.

The rapper and entertainment mogul vented his frustration on Instagram, sharing a video of a call with an executive, expressing dismay at the NAACP overlooking the “Power” Universe for the past decade.

The person on the call with 50 Cent said, “Fundamentally, we have to now insist that Starz improve their relationship with the NAACP.”

50 Cent-raising-kanan-naacp-image-awards
50 Cent via Instagram

50 quickly responded, “We don’t want them to have a relationship with the NAACP. I want to have a relationship with the NAACP. Because I think that they…I don’t know what the f— is wrong with them!

He continued, “At this point, you should know that this is the place that you have to have…how long has ‘Power’ been the number one show in African American and Latino homes?

The person on the phone responded, “10 years.” 

50 Cent said, “Well, how TF do you not know? How do I know that you need to keep a relationship and they don’t know that?

In the caption of his post, 50 wrote, “NAACP didn’t acknowledge RAISING KANAN because of STARZ. 👀WTF THE SHOW IS THE BEST ON TV RIGHT NOW! 🤨98.1 🤦‍♂️

See his original post below.

Curtis took it a step further and posted receipts of the show’s impact.

Historically, the stars of the “Power” Universe have been overlooked when it comes to the NAACP Image Awards, the Emmys, and the Golden Globes.

50 has publicly apologized to Omari Hardwick multiple times over the years.

Initially, I thought that shows like “Power“, “Power Book II: Ghost,” and “Raising Kanan” were overlooked because of the premise and content of the show.

But, after reviewing this year’s nominations I saw that “Snowfall” received six nominations including Outstanding Drama Series.

On the bright side, Dawn Wilkinson and Geary McLeod received NAACP Image Award nominations for Outstanding Director in a Drama Series for “Power Book II: Ghost.” (Congrats to them!)

Patina Miller as Raquel Thomas on ‘Raising Kanan’ (Courtesy of Starz)

For Patina Miller to be overlooked after the performances she has delivered as “Raquel Thomas” on “Raising Kanan” – something in the milk ain’t clean!

I’m with 50 Cent on this!

Why do you think “Power” shows continue to get overlooked by the NAACP Image Awards? Do you think it’s politics?

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