Well, this might just be the straw that broke the back of La La Anthony and Carmelo Anthony’s marriage. 

On Thursday, La La filed for divorce in New York. 

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Earlier in the day, a woman, who wishes to keep her name private, came forward claiming the NBA baller is the father of her newborn twins. 

There’s a lot to this story, so I’ll give you 11 Quick Facts to get you in the know.

  • The woman claims she met Carmelo last year (2020) in New York.
  • She knew he was still married, but said he lived like a single man.
  • She learned she was pregnant with twins in September 2020.
  • Her plan was to get an abortion, but Carmelo Anthony was a no-show for the scheduled procedure.
  • Carmelo allegedly convinced her to move to London and deliver the babies there to ensure their privacy. He’s allegedly paying her living expenses.
  • The twins arrived two months early and were placed in NICU where they must remain until their due date or until they are well enough to go home – whichever comes first.
  • One twin, a boy, suffered complications with his brain and required surgery. 
  • Carmelo allegedly wasn’t answering her phone calls or responding to her texts when she tried to update him on the baby’s condition.
  • The woman says at times she has been suicidal throughout this ordeal.
  • The woman claims one of La La’s close friends hired a private investigator to get the scoop on her. (Kim, is that you?)
  • Now, the woman wants the world to know about her children to get Carmelo Anthony to step up as a father to the babies. 

Oh, girl…who gone tell her?!

Get all of the details on the story at Hollywood Unlocked, who broke the exclusive story.


  1. Well thats what happens when u sleep with someones husband and get pregnant..
    Its sad that now she deals with suicidal thoughts, i hope she gets help for that..
    Big lesson to be learned here
    This whole situation was wrong!
    It went from marriage
    To wrecking homes
    To divorce
    To broken homes
    To single parenting
    And now the whole world is shaming the side piece.
    Maam it wasnt worth it and so much has been ruined in the process.. choose wisely next time

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