Zac Stacy claimed his ex-girlfriend Kristan Evans staged the brutal attack on her, in front of their five-month-old son, in a recently released arrest video.

During his arrest, Zac Stacy claimed his ex-girlfriend, Kristan Evans, staged his brutal attack on her in front of their five-month-old son.

An arrest video shows Zac being cuffed and detained at an airport in Orlando, Florida.

He chops it up with one of the police officers about playing in the NFL with the Rams and the Jets, and then he starts talking about how Kristen staged the attack and set him up because she knew he was going through some mental health issues.

He also added that Kristen had an affair with his ex-college teammate, who was his financial advisor.

By the end of the video, Zac admitted that what he did to Kristen was f’d up, and one of the officers swiftly instructed him not to say too much.

Watch the video below:

Kristin responded to the arrest video on Monday (December 13), denying Stacy’s claims that she staged the attack.

I don’t know how you can stage getting your a** beat.

This is what abusers do. They will make you seem like you’re the crazy one and that they’re the victim.

Kristin also took issue with the police officers appearing to console Stacy in the arrest video.

Everything about this makes me uncomfortable.

Watch the video below:

Zac bonded out of the Orange County Jail on November 24, and he has been prohibited from being in the state of Florida unless it’s for court hearings, according to an Orange County judge.

Zac Stacy is facing two felony charges of aggravated battery and criminal mischief, and if convicted he faces a maximum of 20 years in prison.

Sources: TMZ and the Orlando Sentinel

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