John Gruden, the former coach of the Las Vegas Raiders, filed a lawsuit on Thursday (November 11) against the NFL and NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell for unspecified damages.

Gruden claims that Goodell and the NFL conducted a “malicious and orchestrated campaign to destroy his career and reputation.”

The NFL discovered racist emails from Gruden as a part of their investigation into a sexual harassment allegation against the Washington Football Team (WFT).

According to Gruden, the NFL held the emails for months and leaked them when they could cause major damage to his career.

He described their tactics as a “soviet-style character assassination.”

In the lawsuit, Gruden states the NFL found hundreds of thousands of emails as a part of their sexual harassment investigation against the WFT, but they only leaked his emails.

He says Goodell and the NFL have kept all the other emails under wraps.

Gruden claims the NFL released the email about him making racist remarks about NFLPA director DeMaurice Smith’s lips, and the NFL immediately started pressuring the Raiders to fire him.

When the Raiders refused, Gruden claims the NFL released more emails, and “weaponized” them, causing the Raiders to pressure him to resign.

He says the leak was an attempt to distract from the mishandling of the sexual harassment allegations against the WFT.

John Gruden is suing for unspecified damages claiming the NFL caused him to lose his sponsorships and recognition (including his place in the Tampa Bay Buccaneers’ Ring of Honor).

Bruh, take accountability for your e-mail fingers and move on.

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Source: TMZ